Maximising  commercial potential is often easier said than done. 


Forging a commercially viable path demands strategic alliances and partners who have not just the knowledge and expertise but the passion and desire to understand the specific and unique attributes of the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC), its history, heritage, brand platform and future.

Creating a brand narrative that fits into the zeitgeist of today’s interconnected world, has broad appeal to be the pre-eminent brand for relationship building and engagement must be a front of mind strategic priority for the TTOC. 

The FlowTT/ TTOC Partnership is the culmination of an interesting meeting of minds shaped by a clear vision of what the future will look like, an unbridled passion for sport, human development and striving for excellence. Things done with a good purpose cannot fail. Small scale to high profile sport organisations have to figure out a way to embrace the perception that sport is important for branding and marketing.

Finding the right partner is important. The key quality  is consistency of brand philosophy and values. Last week, Brian Collins, managing director of Columbus Communications Trinidad Ltd  announced that FlowTT is now the TTOC’s exclusive telecommunications partner and had signed a five-year partnership deal .

On the surface it appears  a major telecommunications sponsorship that supports ten or more Olympic gold medal by the year  2024 vision.

More than that it is futuristic.  Flow can help the TTOC drive a marketing plan that seeks to create a sustainable revenue generation platform for the National Olympic Committee in the ecommerce economy. Social media, technological innovation and mobile penetration will open up a whole new realm of possibilities for the TTOC. 

Online commerce, the internet economy, tapping into shifting consumer habits in the age of mobile against a backdrop of Trinidad and Tobago having the highest smart phone penetration in the region are  trends important to the TTOC ‘s strategic marketing plan. The TTOC ten or more Olympic gold medals by year 2024 is not only a medal  related vision. Supporting the athletes to attain Olympic champion status will require the TTOC to break barriers and generate commercial rights revenue to an extent not attempted before.  To do so the TTOC must embrace the ecommerce economy.

Flow provides access to cutting edge technological innovation, industry knowledge, operational excellence, cost efficiencies, digital services, data security, an ability to do business anywhere anytime.

The Internet of things, data capture, analytics, metrics, monetisation opportunities, creating intellectual property rights and assets that have commercial value, investment, innovation, fan engagement and brand strategies must become part of the daily language at Olympic House. The TTOC remains non profit, volunteer  and member based but (1) must redefine itself as a marketing and content creation entity with a portfolio of brand assets (2) adopt an entrepreneurial mindset, drive new business development and sponsorship, grow its marketing programme, build its brand locally and internationally .

Athlete centred purpose driven people focused. The TTOC cannot be afraid to lead the charge  into the economic promise of the online age. Mobile penetration and changing consumer habits has seen many people in T&T move through the desktop generation into the mobile generation to engage ecommerce.

Next generation connectivity and IT solutions, managed networking and cloud-based services, capacity and IP services, corporate data solutions and data centre hosting are all on the TTO’s wish list. Technology platforms that engage TeamTTO athletes, fans and supporters anytime, anywhere. The TTOC’S connection to Team TTO fans will become even more valuable and important and help athletes develop their  brands. Think beyond the conventional.  Flow and the TTOC will break barriers along the road to vision #10Golds24.

•Brian Lewis is the President of the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee. The views expressed are not necessarily those of the Olympic Committee.