Easter time is perceived as the resurrectional period for renewal , reflection and new beginnings.
On behalf of the T&T Olympic and Commonwealth Sport Movement and Team TTO we extend best wishes and Happy Easter Greetings to the national community .


In the context of the road ahead and in circumstances where Trinidad and Tobago is facing significant economic and social challenges it is important that we consider actions and decisions that could have unintended consequences.

We are creating obstacles for our young people to succeed, and in so doing setting too many of them up for failure.

As the belt tightening continues as a result of the economic challenges facing Trinidad and Tobago.
The hopes of many of our youth and young people are struggling to breathe.

Social and economic implications are having a debilitating impact on the youth and young people.

We cannot simply ask them to sacrifice with out providing a pathway that gives them a fighting chance .

The Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC) and the Trinidad and Tobago Commonwealth Games Association (TTCGA) and affliated national sport organizations have a duty, responsibility and obligation to meet the current economic and social circumstances facing Trinidad and Tobago with an unwavering commitment to be innovative in developing solutions and embracing new ideas and programs that will support and facilitate sportsmen and women who have Olympic and Commonwealth Games aspirations.

Saying as a society and as sport organizations that we care passionately about youth, young people and athletes - about their growth and success and development isn't shown by throwing them under the bus in tough and difficult times.

We have the collective responsibility to remove the obstacles and barriers to success and fight the gravitational pull of negativity and find better ways of doing things and how to eliminate some of the bureaucracy, politicking, false politeness, pleasant platitudes, hoarding of information, sugar coating of bad news, and roadblocks that are hindering excellence and winning.