T&T at times can act and appear as if we're an angry land populated by angry people with only dark and deep thoughts.

When the reality is that T&T is a place with so much good going for it. It's as if we are hell-bent on ensuring that the twin-island Republic is an angry land.

In the face of daily challenges seeing the glass half full is not for many a favoured choice. There are people who refuse to embrace positivity. As such negativity is ever popular.

Progress must be denied. Recently the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games delivered for T&T moments of pride and celebration that turned out to historic in many aspects. A cause for joy and celebration. As our national anthem played, the pan version too, and the flag rose our hearts fill with joy. My oh, my!!. what great Pride.

There was a spring in the step of many - in particular- young people and children.

But soon came the downside of joy and celebration. It was a challenging couple of days as many tried to come to terms with the controversy that ensued.

On a personal note came the questioning. What's the relevance of this week's - Things That Matter column? What's the sense of it? and every week I ask myself why do It?

It's always in difficult times and moments that self-discovery becomes a priority and situations placed in perspective while listening to the many voices with diverse messages.

Clarity of thought can only be achieved in solitude. The inner voice is the best guide when reflecting on lessons. Growing through mistakes and errors can either be a strength or weakness.

Gold Coast 2018 is now history. In elite level sport, short-term memory at times is an asset and we learn it's not good to linger and mope over failures and mistakes.

Team T&T will rise and we shall overcome too.

There are many things to be positive about in this beautiful land. However, we must avoid complacency or self-satisfaction. The recent days required a rethink and that I did deeply. So it's time to move forward now.

The target remains Tokyo 2020. There is still much work to be done. Self-pity is a luxury we can not afford as the future remains as bright as we want it to be.