VENEZUELA. AUGUST 11, 2020 - Innovation, creativity, scope, impact and professionalism are just some of the characteristics of the 1st Sports Administration Seminar organized by Central American and Caribbean Sports Organization (CACSO), its president Luis Mejia Oviedo, through the Education Commission directed by the Secretary General of the organism, Eduardo Álvarez Camacho.

The activity began, with the welcoming words and greetings of Luis Mejia Oviedo, president of CACSO belongs to everyone and for everyone, we are well committed to you, we have currently created different commissions that will be in charge of carrying out various activities, on this occasion, Education has organized this Seminar that brings together more than 2000 participants.

We have the support of the different NOCs in Central America and the Caribbean, as well as the different regional organizations, I am very pleased with this activity and I hope it will be beneficial for all of you”, highlighted the president.

The first day of this virtual activity was held through the CACSO ZOOM platform, a record attendance was reached on the 1st day of lectures. The President of the Education Commission, Eduardo Álvarez, stated regarding the activity, “Pleased to be able to bring these teachings to each of your homes, there will be three days of knowledge, knowledge and a lot of information, which will be dictated by professionals in each of the subjects, thank you all for being a part of this”, highlighted Álvarez.

As the number of linked people increased, a video was projected on the history of the organization, from its beginnings to the present, where the different sports events were recreated with slides in order to make the sports organization known. In the end, a total of more than 1000 participants managed to access through the Zoom platform and another 800 through Youtube.


The first presenter of the day was Keith Joseph (SVG), who spoke about the structure of the Olympic Movement, its three pillars, divided into the IOC, NOCs and International Federations. He highlighted the Olympic Charter and even cited several articles from it.

Joseph also highlighted how regional organizations are divided and their different functions.

During the break, a video summary of the best moments of the last Central American and Caribbean Games Barranquilla 2018 was projected. Later, the next presentation was given, which was in charge of Lorena Novoa (COL) who made her presentation regarding the Management and Environment of the Olympic Sports Organizations.

Novoa, highlighted the legal, institutional, profit, where she highlighted the non-profit actors, the sponsors, the leagues, the clubs, their link with Sports Organizations such as NOCs and Federations. During her presentation, Lorena emphasized principles, where she spoke of equality, universality, continuity, specialty and urgency.

The presentation considered that FAIR PLAY is one of the basic principles of sport, which is aimed at determining the athlete's behavior in the face of sporting activity. Novoa emphasized regarding the autonomy of the NOCs, which are governed by the legality of the Olympic Charter.

The cycle of presentations concluded with Fabio Ramirez (COL), who spoke regarding the Basic principles in the Organization of Sporting Events. He highlighted the time in which they must be conformed, the organizational structure, planning and execution.

Ramirez stressed that there must be a General Board, a Technical Board, a Medical Board, an Anti-Doping Control, Transportation, Food, Accommodation, Communications, Legal, Logistics, Administration, Security, Technology, Ceremonial, Services to NOCs, Marketing, Volunteering, Infrastructure. Fabio broke down each aspect of the structure in detail during his presentation.

To conclude, the president of the Organization Luis Mejia Oviedo, offered his congratulations and farewell "Excellent speakers today, congratulations to the Education Commission led by Eduardo Álvarez; excellent call and commitment from each and every one of you and tomorrow we will be waiting for you here again at 2:00p.m. (VEN - DOM time), which will be the second day of the seminar”, highlighted Mejia.

The presentations of the first day of the Sports Administration Seminar will be sent to each of the participants' emails and you can also enjoy the transmission again by accessing the ODECABE / CACSO YouTube channel.

The program will resume tomorrow, Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. VEN-DOM, where we will have the following program:

2:55 p.m. DOM / VEN 40 - 50 MINUTES


Nicole Hoevertsz


3:55 p.m. DOM / VEN 40 - 50 MINUTES


Salman Brache


4:45 p.m. DOM / VEN 40 - 50 MINUTES








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