SANTIAGO, CHILE (October 25, 2023)  – Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC) president, Ms. Diane Henderson, extended her best wishes to Team TTO cyclist Akil Campbell after the rider suffered a serious accident during the men’s omnium event Tuesday night at the Velódromo at the Parque de Peñalolén.

Campbell was seriously bruised in the 40-lap tempo race of the men’s omnium, at the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games, when an opponent’s front wheel touched his back tyre and sent him crashing face first into the wooden track.

Campbell was subsequently subjected to mandatory concussion protocols and was then accompanied to the hospital by TTOC chief medical officer for the tour, Dr Rudy Ramsarak, to undergo CT and MRI scans.

“Akil Campbell in participating in the omnium yesterday, had a fall and had some bruises to his chin and shoulder. Dr. Rudy Ramsarak accompanied him to the hospital where CT and MRI scans were conducted,” the Olympic Committee boss said, “ And the results shows everything is normal. We are pleased to report that Akil will recover well. “

Henderson added that because of the fall, Campbell was unfortunately unable to continue participating in the event which concluded last night.. “We wish him well on his recovery,” Henderson said.

She and the TTOC are however: “ecstatic about the new Pan American Games record set by top TTO sprint cyclist Nicholas Paul this morning in the men’s sprint flying 200m qualifying round ( 9.574 seconds) as well as the good time made by Kwesi Browne (10.073).