Tobago calypsonian Henson Wright, the father of national long jumper Andwuelle Wright, died on Sunday morning.

Wright was known as Calypso Prince in the calypso fraternity. He was a former three-time Tobago Calypso Monarch champ and participant at the Magnificent Glow Calypso Tent.

Newsday was told Wright had the flu and complained of feeling “a bit off” on Thursday and had a severe cough.

On Saturday he had a fever and was found unconscious by his girlfriend. He died on Sunday morning at the Scarborough General Hospital.

It is not yet determined whether Wright's death was a result of the H1N1 virus. For the flu season, which started in September, there have been 24 confirmed deaths caused by H1N1 virus – swine flu.

Wright was a member of the Masters Calypso Tent in Tobago and performed at the semi-finals at Calypso Monarch in Skinner Park on many occasions.

Wright told Newsday in July he was happy after his son broke his the national long jump record at the at the North American, Central American and Caribbean (NACAC) Under-23 Championships in Mexico and met the qualifying standard for World Championship 2019 and Olympics 2020.

He said this success was the dream of his deceased wife who died from cancer in 2013.

As news of Wright's death spread, tributes began to pour in from the calypso fraternity.

Calypsonian Sherwin Cunningham described Wright as a fearless performer.

“He always spoke his mind regardless of who the situation affected. He was a true calypsonian. He didn't butter up the words because of political party.

"He did what a kaisonian supposed to do, he relayed the issue. Every calypsonian will agree he was a lyrical genius with a lovely voice. The fraternity will surely miss him,” Cunningham said.

Lesley-Ann Ellis, another calypsonian said news of this death came as a blow for friends and family.

She said, “We weren’t expecting it because he wasn’t sick. He died without being awarded for his contribution. It’s shocking”

Tobago Trinbago Unified Calypsonians Organisation (TUCO) president Ainsley King told Newsday the news shocked everyone.

"It’s a great mood with regards to his immense contribution for many years. We were very successful as one Tobago to make it to the national calypso competition semi-finals the most.”

He extended condolences to all friends and family of Wright. In a release TUCO president Lutalo Masimba described Wright as a well respected composer with “some hard-hitting commentaries.”