The Trinidad and Tobago Marathon Committee had their first Secondary School Marathon Relay alongside their International Marathon in an effort to promote distance running in schools on Sunday. Emerging victorious in the inaugural event was none other than Maple Leaf with a strong core of six including Leigh Anderson, Caleb Bachew, Edgar Bodu, Dylan Lee, Jonathan Thompson and Kristopher Simmons.

As the local and international professionals lined up at St Mary’s Junction, Freeport for the 5am start, so did the schools first leg runners who were all delighted to be a part of the historic race.

Each student runner ran 4.37 miles, one sixth of the marathon distance, until the final leg that ended at the Queen’s Park Savannah in Port-of-Spain.

The Maple Leaf team clocked a total time of three hours and forty- one minutes.

In a media release, Maple Leaf congratulated its six runners for their efforts in clinching the Secondary School Marathon Relay trophy, medals, a cash prize as they all went home with a huge sense of accomplishment.