The Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC) is set to launch its "Future is Female" programme, an initiative focused on assisting the country’s women athletes to break their Olympic medal drought.

It will be a focused element of the #10golds24 athlete welfare and preparation fund.

The "#10golds24" programme aims to raise funds which will be used to help provide financial assistance to athletes, which will enable them to train, recover and compete as they look towards future Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Athletes are supported in several ways, from direct financial support and health insurance, to medal bonuses and anti-doping education.

After 70 years of Trinidad and Tobago Olympic history, the nation is yet to have a female Olympic medallist, despite winning 19 medals so far.

"It isn’t because of a lack of talent or strong mind or a burning desire for success on the part of the athletes," TTOC Pesident Brian Lewis said.

"#futureisfemale making a difference changing the game."

Trinidad and Tobago's most successful female performance at Rio 2016 came in the 4x100 metres relay, where they finished fifth.

Lewis claimed that in the context of women and Olympic sport the country will be left behind if they do not improve in the near future.

"There are certain aspects related to women that must be incorporated in respect of long-term female athlete development," added Lewis.

"As part of TTOC's aim to win ten or more Olympic gold medals by 2024, we must address the issues and provide solutions and options.

"Doing what needs to be done to give our female athletes the help they need to translate and elevate their talent to the Olympic podium.

"The reality is, after 70 years of TTOC and TT Olympic history, Trinidad and Tobago is yet to have a female Olympic medallist.

"Olympic and elite level sport is about constant improvement otherwise you will be left behind."