Breaking point. Trinidad and Tobago is at a crucial place. People make decisions on the basis of agendas. It is about what is convenient and expedient. It matters not what the truth may be. Once it serves their own agenda, that’s it! Fairness and equity is dependent on interests of those who believe that money and more money makes the world go round and round.

Some are allowed the liberty to make mistakes while others are not. What makes the difference? One can only surmise. But what is certain is it is never what it seems.

As the Olympic Movement both here at home and globally comes closer to the August 5 Rio 2016 Olympic Games opening ceremony, the pace of preparation quickens. Coming with it all is the marketing cycle whereby corporate interest in the Olympics is building to a crescendo. Olympic Committees worldwide are in negotiations that will impact revenue generation.

The Olympic year phase always brings with it new and old challenges. There is no hiding the truth. Here in T&T there has to be some mechanism in place to promote a better situation for sport organisations as rights holders. There are many opportunities to afford citizens a way to enjoy the Rio Olympics. Unlocking the opportunities require a willingness to engage those who have an interest.

The TTOC has to figure out different and new ways to create new Olympic fans and engage the loyal ones. One gets a sense that the general interest in the Olympics can grow. Creating different ways to engage prospective partners with innovative plans are important, given the changes in demographics, including bringing fans to the digital intersection.

With Carnival 2016 history, it’s full steam ahead as the TTOC calendar kicks into high gear. Qualifiers for the Rio Olympics will provide athletes with a shot at their Olympic dream in the next months. In all the frenzy, it is necessary to stay focused on what will make a difference.

At Olympic House no day is the same. Add to the in tray the Zika virus along with the usual variations of problems to be solved, the Olympic road show is on its way. Let’s not forget in all the heady stuff that the TTOC good governance code initiative remains a focus. Getting it done and done right by end of April is definitely on the cards.

The findings and reports completed following Good Governance Week November 2-7 last year will shortly be circulated to all stakeholders.

The report, written by professor Leigh Robinson of the University of Stirling sets out the findings of the large number of discussions had with administrators, athletes, members of the media, and government. It sets out the context, highlights a number of issues to do with governance of NSOs and proposes a way forward.

Good Governance, athlete centred and market oriented are the three strategic pillars driving the TTOC forward. Turning back is not an option on the march to 10 or more Olympic Gold medals by the year 2024.

Brian Lewis is president of the T&T Olympic Committee (TTOC). The views expressed are not necessarily those of the Olympic Committee. Support #10 Golds24 Athlete Welfare and Preparation Fund. Purchase your Team TTO tee shirt from any branch of The Fan Club.