Is there anything Usain Bolt can’t do?

The Jamaican track star is not only the fastest man on the planet and a sensational Samba dancer— but he also takes gold medal-worthy selfies.

Bolt ran over to fans after his historic third consecutive 200-meter victory at Rio 2016 Thursday, grabbed their cell phones and posed for multiple shots. Here’s how it went down:

Dozens of overjoyed spectators at the Olympic stadium in Rio de Janeiro tried to muscle their way in on the photographs that were being snapped by the great man himself.

But not everyone was so happy at being featured. One woman actually looked decidedly discontent, as the below GIF from NBC shows. Perhaps she was supporting Canada’s Andre De Grasse, who dipped across the line in second place?

Some users even suggested that the selfies he took and posed for were better than the starry Oscars photo that Ellen DeGeneres snapped in 2014.

The TV host has come under fire during this Games for posting her own version of the Bolt smiling face meme showing her piggybacking on the sprinter. Some critics alleged that it had “racist undertones.” But the sprinting great retweeted her post, suggesting that he took DeGeneres’ tweet in his stride.

Bolt, who won his third Olympic 100-meter title Sunday, could complete a historic triple triple if Jamaica wins gold in the 4x100 meters relay Friday. The athlete said at the start of Rio 2016 that this would be his last Olympics, and that would make this event his last ever race on the world’s biggest sporting stage.