Defending 2012 London Olympic Games javelin champion Keshorn Walcott failed to repeat his feat and had to settle for the bronze medal during the men’s finals at the Olympic Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, last night.

Entering the 12-athlete finals, Walcott, 23, carried the hope of T&T with him to secure at least one medal. In a display to show that he accepted the challenge, the Toco-born athlete threw the javelin 85.38 metres in his second of six attempts.

In his efforts to defend his title and match his qualifying throw of 88.68 metres on Wednesday, the T&T Olympic hero recorded throws of 83.45, 85.38, 83.38, and 80.33 before fouling his next two in his quest to bring Olympic glory to T&T and the 32-member Olympic contingent.

The gold medal was won by Thomas Rohler of Germany who threw 90.30 in his fifth attempt to outdo Julius Yego of Kenya, who had to settle for silver with 88.24 metres. Yego had anchored the gold medal position with his opening throw, while Rohler placed himself in second place with his first effort of 87.40 metres.

However, after fouling his second attempt and then passing up his third throw, Yego fouled his fourth while going for a big heave, seriously injuring his right leg. He was taken away for treatment. In his absence Rohler unleashed the longest throw of 90.30 metres in his fifth attempt and secured the gold medal.

Meanwhile, in his final effort to bring Olympic glory to T&T, Walcott fouled the attempt and surrendered his title.