The Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA) and the SIGA Global Media Partners, gathered this week to address the current challenges facing the Integrity of Sport and establish the basis of their future cooperation, wish to make public the following:


SIGA and the SIGA Media Partners:

  1. Recognise the significant role that Sport, if governed and operated under the highest integrity standards and free from corruption and other threats, can play in today’s society and global economy.
  2. Agree to unite and cooperate to usher Sport and the wider Sport-related industry into a new era of enhanced governance, integrity, transparency, and accountability.
  3. Assert the necessity to positively impact Sport’s Integrity and, by extension, foster long overdue integrity reforms across Sport and the wider sporting industry and drive meaningful cultural change to enhance all aspects and outputs of Sport, in order to preserve its positive values and safeguard its invaluable social, educational and cultural role and impact in global economy.
  4. Encourage the Sport Movement, as well as Governments, international organisations, global sports business community and civil society, to assume their own responsibilities, and adopt and implement the SIGA Universal Standards on Sport Integrity and the SIGA Independent Rating and Verification System (SIRVS).
  5. Congratulate the G20 for the important strides being made in the field of Sport Integrity, in particular the development of the G20 High-Level Principles on Tackling Corruption in Sport, taking account of SIGA’s contributions to this historical step.
  6. Recognise that the G20 action represents an encouraging expression of global leadership and removes any ambiguity around the significant contribution of Sport to the global agenda, and urge the G20 Members to accelerate the necessary reforms and promote the cross-industry international collaboration of all relevant stakeholders.
  7. Commit to play an active and meaningful role in this evolution to facilitate the much-nedded integrity and governance reforms. This will be accomplished by placing appropriate pressure on international authorities and sport governing bodies to assume leadership by raising awareness and holding them, and their actions, to account.
  8. Encourage all international organisations and nations to join SIGA and adopt a strong, public stance for Integrity and Transparency and against corruption in Sport.

To help implement the above mentioned aims and objectives, SIGA and the SIGA Media Partners itemised below will develop an action-orientated network. This network will unite behind common Sport Integrity GOALS and facilitate meaningful change in, and through, Sport through the promotion and implementation of the SIGA Universal Standards on Sports Integrity and the SIGA Independent Rating and Verification System.

29 October 2021

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